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Institutional Door Restoration

Entrance Restoration, 

Dupont Circle, 

Washington, DC NW - Kappa House


Removed all existing paint from the original 1910's door, columns, and surround.


Restored to original condition including replication of original door with new. Restored zinc caming glass panels.


Work preformed Spring 2009, completed Summer 2011.

Wood Door Restoration Project in Kalorama NW Washington, DC


Removed all existing paint from the original 1800's wood doors.


Restored to original condition including upgrading of weather-stripping to increase energy efficiency.


Work preformed Spring 2011, completed Summer 2011. Total (1) pair doors.

Wood and Aluminum Door Restoration& Replication in Judical Square, Washington, DC NW - Superior Court Buildings A, B, C & D


Fabricated (26) pair of mahogany historically accurated doors.


Restored (16) pair of original aluminum art deco interior vestibul doors.


Work preformed Spring 2007, completed Summer 2009.

Bronze Door & Transom Restoration in K St. NW, Washington, DC - Alamas Temple


Fabricated new white oak wood core. Relamenated original bronze cladding. repaired frame, hung doors, and installed hardware.


Work preformed Spring 2010, completed winter 2010. Total (1) pair of doors.

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